Martin Kaptein.

Martin Kaptein

Scriabin 150 Festival Organization

From 11th until 13th of November 2022 the international online Scriabin 150 Festival took place, in collaboration with many fantastic people and musicians. Every day, from 10am until 6pm (ET), interesting lectures, presentations and talks took place via the Zoom online platform.

The logo of the Scriabin 150 Festival

This Event was possible due to collaboration with the Scriabin Society of America.

Look back

In the following a few pictures and impressions from the festival.

All participants

All participants

Martin’s presentation

Martin’s presentation

It is also possible to re-watch Martin’s contribution to the Scriabin 150 Festival, where he talks about groundbreaking findings in the fields of synaesthesia. You can find the direct link to the presentation here.

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