Martin Kaptein.

Martin Kaptein


Effective online piano lessons and music theory education

Learning is one of the most beautiful things to do in life. Discovering the world of music opens up many possibilities, insights and experiences.

Martin has proven to us that his online piano lessons work effectively. We enjoy our lessons very much and the kids are inspired to practice piano.

— Susan and her two kids, the Netherlands.

With Martin we have finally found a teacher who answers to our needs of a professional music educator.

— Catherine Wei Zhang, Singapore.

Welcome, my name is Martin. I am a classical pianist and an experienced music teacher. I teach to play the piano and all about music theory. On this page you will find more information about my online teaching practice.

Teaching practice

Student level

Young Piano Student during online lesson

The speciality of my piano and music theory practice is that I teach to students of all ages, levels and backgrounds. My youngest student currently is 4 years old, and my oldest is 88 years old.

Furthermore, my lessons are suitable for beginners as well as advanced students. My lessons are both possible as individual lessons as well as group lessons.

Teaching subjects

Online group lesson of music theory

In the field of Piano Playing I teach:

  • Classical Piano Playing
  • Basics of Jazz Harmony and improvisation

In the field of Music Theory I teach the following subjects:

  • Solfeggio, Singing and Ear Training
  • Music notation, Harmony and Analysis
  • History of Music
  • Musical composition

Official qualifications and preparation for exams

In my music practice I work with official entrance qualifications and curriculums in mind. For example, if the goal is to prepare for a conservatory entrance exam or for an ABRSM exam, I support the entire journey towards it in my practice, to guarantee best results.


Professional support

A professional approach is always guaranteed. The exact details of the chosen learning path depend on the goal of the students. This gets discussed at the beginning of our lessons. There is always flexibility in support, should a student suddenly need assistance with something, even when not during lesson time.


Teaching children

An advantage of my practice is that I teach in a wide variety of languages. Currently I teach in:

  • English
  • Russian
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Italian

How my online lessons work

When I started my piano practice, many people were sceptical of the idea of online lessons, which is very understandable. However I discovered how to make even online lessons work effectively:

The secret lies in the ability to break down very complex topics, for example piano technique (E.G. hand position, use of fingers), into little parts that are easily understood and communicated. Because I communicate complicated topics very clearly, this works also very well online.

For music theory online lessons work even better than physical lessons: We can collaborate, share information on whiteboards, listen to recordings, directly write and listen to sheet music, explore the piano keyboard and much more. On the picture bellow I am teaching one of my young students, who wishes to write down his own compositions:

Picture Online Composition lesson

Writing a composition with a student.

Flexibility and Repertoire

Next to the flexibility in time and planning that online lessons offer, I am also always very open for ideas of students: If the student has own interests or ideas, I will gladly adapt to that. Else I have a lot of experience choosing interesting and engaging music pieces and topics.

About me

Martin Kaptein lecturing

I have have a lot of experience in piano playing. In my life I have done a lot of professional piano competitions and international music festivals with famous figures in the music world. Besides that I come from a background of the famous Russian School of Piano, which focuses a lot on musicality and personality.

Over the years I have developed my own piano technique with the focus on relaxation. This makes virtuosity possible.

Hands of Martin Kaptein

If you like to see how I play the piano, you can see some of my recordings on this page. Or feel free to read about my musical career on this page.

Teaching philosophy

The philosophy of my lessons is to work primarily on the individuality of the personality of the performer, and to work with interesting and engaging musical pieces on artistic, musical and technical traits. The music always comes first!

Contact me for an appointment

Contact me via E-Mail:

Feel free to already include some information about yourself.

You can also contact me at one of the following social networks:

Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, YouTube: @martinkaptein


Based on the exact nature of the lesson the price per hour of a lesson is usually between EUR 30 and EUR 45.