Martin Kaptein.

Martin Kaptein


My name is Martin Kaptein. is my personal website, I chose this particular domain inspired by my favourite sonata by Scriabin. I come from the Netherlands but am simultaneously blessed with a multicultural and multilingual background and have a wide variety of interests.

Picture of Martin Kaptein in Amsterdam

Pianist and Musician

My main occupation is being a classical concert pianist. During my life I have participated in many international competitions, masterclasses and festivals and I regularly perform concerts. A further thing I did is to organize the Scriabin Club, a place for conversations about Art and Life.

Educator and Teacher

My main job which I am passionate about is being a music teacher. I teach mainly piano playing but also music theory, music history and composition. Over the years I have developed my own approach to teaching, that aims to be natural but highly effective.


Growing up in a multilingual environment, currently, I speak the following languages fluently: Dutch, English, Russian, German and Italian. Additionally, I have some experience with French and a deep interest in Chinese. Sometimes I engage in teaching languages too.


Since I was a kid I was always fascinated by how things work. Naturally, ever since I got access to my first computer I explored its fullest potentials. I have experience with a wide range of IT tasks such as Linux system administration, Web development and Data analysis. Mostly I am interested in Open Source software.


I am an Orthodox Christian and like to explore Christian teachings, mostly in the Russian language. Additionally I am very interested in Chinese philosophy, especially Taoism. It greatly shaped my approach to teaching music. Moreover I really like good literature, especially works of Dostoevsky.


I have always liked to write and talk about things that are close to my heart, and sometimes hold lectures and presentations on various - but mostly philosophical - topics. All the things I mentioned above I like to talk and write about, which you can explore on this website and on my YouTube channel.